Book Review: What To Do When The Blessings Stop ‒ When God Sends Famine

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We’ve all seen it: good, faithful people who seem to have a run of bad luck. But why on earth would God send trouble to those who love and serve Him? In What to Do When the Blessings Stop ‒When God Sends Famine, acclaimed author Virginia Hull Welch helps unravel these tangled strands that make up our faith journey.

Practical, personal, and pulling no punches, Welch asks readers to examine their conscience. “How do you counsel the Christian who never succeeds,” she asks, the one “who loses home, business, family? Do you tell him to pray more? Study more? Keep up the positive confession? Is God angry? What hope do you offer? Or is this person you?”

If you can remember a time when God filled your life with blessings, if you feel as if an unseen force has raised up against you, she continues, “Your problem may be famine, a spiritual rod God uses to correct.” But don’t lose hope, she cautions: “The fact that you’re holding this book in your hands is hope itself, because you’re spiritually astute enough to discern that things are not right, that there must be a spiritual solution to your problems. God is the answer, but you must ask the right question.”

What to Do When the Blessings Stop will teach you how to recognize spiritual famine in your life, the difference between spiritual famine and ordinary faith trials, how and why God sends famine, and what steps you must take to banish its crushing effects from your life.

Welch is the author of several books, including The Lesson. A romantic comedy, it is a light, dynamic story deftly challenging our preconceived attitudes about physical attraction and the “perfect spouse” in a friendly way. Backed by a deep and abiding faith, The Lesson is easy to read and hard to forget. The novel Crazy Woman Creek, an inspirational Western romance, was released in the spring. Her fourth book and second nonfiction title, The Hiss from Hell Only Women Hear, Is It Tradition or Is It Truth? will be released in late 2013.

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