Boxing club to hold fundraiser

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Al Moreland Boxing Club and the King Recreational Center will host the Holiday Boxing Pamaraoma fundraiser forAlMoreland Boxing Club along with Another Hand Foundation.

The event will be held December 10 at p.m. at the Martin Luther King Center, 1531W. Vilet St. Tickets are $12 for this worthwhile youth-oriented event.

What’s more, organizers will give away holiday gifts of hats, glove, gift baskets and more to needy families and children during the match.

Some of the current sponsors include Share Foods, Milwaukee Community Journal, Harris & Associates, Shepherd Express, Forest County Potawatomi, State Rep Jason Fields, and gls marketing LLC.

Al Moreland Boxing has been a positive organization in the Milwaukeearea for over 52 years. The program has been a catalyst for inspiring young people to mature into responsible adults and realize their life goals.

Through the Al Moreland Boxing Club, area youth from ages 8 to 15 years old have been mentored and coached, all while understanding that it is a privilege to participate in the program and as such, certain criteria must be met.

Parents are also encouraged to be involved by participating with the mentors and coaches to keep our youth on track. For example, the club recently had a boxer’s mother pull him from the programs because his grades were too low.

The Al Moreland Boxing Club believes in building character, good citizenship, and discipline in addition to teaching Olympic style boxing. The program specializes in teaching teamwork and tenacity through hard work and a “No Quit” attitude. For further information call 414-419-2536.

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