Bridging the Gap Summit to be held January 28

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Peace for Change Alliance Inc and Urban Grass Roots will host the follow-up to the Stop the Violence Youth Summit. The event, titled “Bridging the Gap,” will take place Saturday, January 28 at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, 5460 N. 64th St.

Public officials and their youth leaders will give their plan on how they will reduce crime for 2012. As you know to win the war on crime, is a process and it’s going to take everyone to work together, share information and resources.

Bridging the Gap Youth Summit is designed for youth, and adults to start communicating and work on a solution for the violence that is crippling our communities. Diverse group of leaders and youth will meet to develop strategies to break the “code of silence” and reduce the acceptance of youth violence that pervade the youth culture.

This event provides a forum for youth to express their views on the causes of and solutions for violence. While minimizing the division in Milwaukee County between youth and adults.

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