Brown Street Academy Boys & Girls Club educates, rallies family with Votersʼ Day Fair

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Brown Street Academy Boys & Girls Club members may not have been old enough to vote but they were old enough to know that it’s important to exercise one’s right to vote. That’s why they hosted a Voters’ Day Fair to educate both parents and students about election process and encourage their parents to vote.

The Voters’ Day Fair was held last Friday at Brown Street Academy, 2029 N. 20th Street. The event was made possible through Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee’s Young Leaders Community Action Fund.

At the Voters’ Day Fair, parents had an opportunity to get information on where to vote and how to register for voting. There was also a carnival with family-friendly games like “Pin the Flag on the White House,” election fun facts and performances.

Thanks to a gift from the Joseph and Vera Zilber Family Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Young Leaders United Community Action Fund allows children and teens who live in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood to identify and financially support ideas to put forth by their peers that will enhance the life for all of its residents, schools and businesses.

Members of Brown Street Academy Boys & Girls Club came up with the concept, prepared a proposal for it and presented it to a panel from Young Leaders United Advisory Council.

Brown Street Academy and Augusta M. LaVarnway Boys & Girls Clubs, and Neu-Life Community Resource Center received grants of $850 and $300, respectively, from the fund for their projects.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2012. For all the latest Club news, visit, or Twitter@bgcmilwaukee.











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