Brown’s Art Captures Chaos Surrounding Nation’s First Black President

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The Terry McCormick Gallery of Contemporary Fine and Folk Art hosts Blanche Brown: Celebrate Obama–Forward America Exhibition & Sale on Saturday, December 8, with a reception from 12 Noon through 5 pm.  The location is 2522 North 18thStreet, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Enthralled by political perceptions, self-taught artist Blanche Brown intuitively conveys the electric chaos of psychologically loaded commercialism, kitschy clichés, sundry slogans, and multi-layered symbolism surrounding the election of America’s first “Black” president. Plus, integral to this body of work, each collage includes President Obama’s image. Unrelenting drama, energy bombardment, and visual eye-candy simulate environments, in her art, that affect viewers differently. In some instances, the work creates deeply disturbing confusion and in others, it creates exciting aesthetic gratification.

President Obama’s monumental election impacted Brown to embrace this historical event as a theme in her collages beginning in 2009. She feels, “Despite ‘hateration’ in our nation, President Obama’s first four years have resulted in several significant accomplishments.  The pieces speak to and applaud the fundamental ideology of progressiveness and change while also encompassing the dignity and humanity of all people.  This is at the heart of Barack Obama, President of the United States. It is in this light that my collages were created.” 

Brown, a native of Chicago, currently resides in Milwaukee with her husband and family. A professional artist for almost 10 years, she exhibits both locally and nationally, while sometimes teaching as an artist-in-residence at schools and community sites.
Also being exhibited is artwork by Kevin Boatright, Shana R. Goetsch, Ras `Ammar Nsoroma, George Ray McCormick Sr., Jacqueline A. Richards, Anwar Pruitt, Mikal Pruitt, and Evelyn Patricia Terry.













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