Budget committee approves Walker administration plan to cut health care for 29,000 Wisconsin children

Written by admin   // November 11, 2011   // 0 Comments

65,000 people altogether would lose coverage under the proposal

MADISON —The Joint Finance Committee today approved a Walker administration plan that would result in nearly 65,000 people—including 29,000 children—being dropped from state health care coverage, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau. Rep. Jon Richards, the ranking Democrat on the Assembly Health Committee, released the following statement:

“The federal health care reform law prohibits states from changing their Medicaid eligibility standards for children until at least 2019. The plan approved today seeks permission from the federal government to ignore this requirement so the Walker administration can drop health care coverage for 29,000 children. Wisconsin has been a national leader in ensuring that families and especially children have access to affordable quality health care. The Walker administration’s plan retreats from this commitment and moves Wisconsin backward during a time when many families are already struggling financially and anxious about the future.”

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