Building a Stronger Wisconsin Poll Finds Voters Think Wisconsin Republicans Gerrymandered Districts are a Violation of Citizen’s Rights

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Building a Stronger Wisconsin contracted with The Shop Consulting, Inc. to conduct a statewide poll regarding citizens views on recently redrawn legislative districts. The poll consisted of a 603 response survey and was conducted by live callers on the evening of Thursday, November 8th. The margin of error for the poll is +/- 4%.
Of those who responded nearly 60% of voters believe that the Wisconsin Republicans main goal during the redistricting process was to solidify a long term majority. In addition, 62% (including 34% self-proclaimed Republicans) believed that the strategy of preventing another party from gaining a majority is a violation of citizen’s rights.
“Wisconsin Republicans have said throughout the redistricting process that they did not redraw districts for their own partisan advantage. Well, the voters of this state don’t buy it. They also believe that this type of action infringes on their first amendment rights to participate in government or to petition the government.” explained Randy Nash, Executive Director Building a Stronger Wisconsin.
Analysis also shows that vote totals down ballot for each party’s candidates do not reflect the partisan makeup of the new legislative districts. While it is estimated that Democrats and Republicans essentially split the combined total vote for State Assembly races, Democrats will likely control 39 legislative seats subsequent to the November election while Republicans will likely control 60. Likewise, Democrats running for congress garnered over 50% of the total vote, yet won in only 3 of Wisconsin’s eight seats.

“We expected that the newly gerrymandered districts may have an effect on partisan makeup of districts, and now it appears that the data confirms this theory.”











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