Building self confidence and job readiness skills

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People from all walks of life experience mental illness. They often feel alone and many do not know where to turn. But there is help.
The United Way-funded Grand Avenue Club supports people dealing with mental illness; not only through job placement, education, and recreational activities, but by making them feel valued and accepted in our community.
“Grand Avenue Club has helped me feel more comfortable about waking up and facing the day with goals and intentions,” says Jonathan, who was initially shy when he joined the program in 2010.
He quickly gravitated toward the Culinary Unit and was offered a temporary position at Outpost Natural Foods.
He attended work support meetings and eventually became less anxious and more willing to engage others. Soon Outpost hired him as a regular employee, and eventually he was named “employee of the month.”
Jonathan has also let his creative side come to life and exhibits paintings at the club’s art gallery. He describes his current circumstances as “a full life – paid work, art, friends and volunteer work at two places that I care about.”
Jonathan says he is thankful that Grand Avenue Club was there to help him. “No matter your situation, having a place to find yourself is what really matters.” To hear more about Jonathan, visit







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