Campaign faux pas by former Gov. Thompson's son shows true colors of Republicans in state, nation

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MCJ Editorial
You would think Jason Thompson, son of former Wisconsin Governor now U.S. Senate Candidate Tommy Thompson would know better than to say something racist and insulting during a closely contested election like the one his father is engaged in with the Democratic Senate Candidate, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.
During a Republican event in Kenosha, sponsored by the Kenosha County Republican Party last Sunday, Jason Thompson, an attorney, told the Thompson supporters they “…have the opportunity to send President Obama back to Chicago…or Kenya!”
The comment by the former governor’s son prompted laughter from the crowd, with one person joking they were “…taking donations for the Kenya trip.”
The U.S. Senate district they’re battling over has a very large Black Democratic constituency, the majority of which is located in Milwaukee.
Though Thompson did well with Black Milwaukee voters during his tenure as governor (probably because of his moderate conservative views, willingness to listen to our concerns, and policies that benefitted Black people), he is hardly recognizable in his reincarnation as a hard-right conservative Republican senate candidate.
If Thompson had even a sliver of a chance winning Black votes, his son Jason soundly closed the door on that hope, in our opinion!
Jason Thompson was probably playing to the crowd, which reflects today’s “Party of Lincoln.”
Once the preferred political party of Black America (Republicans were against slavery and the Democrats were in favor of the “peculiar institution”), the party’s image began to change when former President Lyndon Johnson championed the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act, as well as his “war on poverty” initiative.
Disgruntled southern Democrats (who were also called “Dixicrats”) took their racism to the Republican Party and conservative standard barrier, Arizona U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater and former President Richard Nixon, who was the first to use the “southern strategy,” which had as its centerpiece a return to “state’s rights” (which is another way of saying a return to “Jim Crow,” also known as “American Apartheid”).
Ronald Reagan used the same strategy Nixon devised, as has every other Republican presidential candidate since.
Among the accomplishments of President Obama, one of his most downplayed is how, with his very presence in the office, has exposed the “Grand Old Party” as intolerant of those who are “non-White.”
Since Obama’s election, the number one job of Republicans in Congress has been to guarantee the downfall of the nation’s first Black president in the 2012 election. They have been willing to let the nation go to hell in a hand basket to accomplish their goal.
Sadly, it seems the former governor is willing stoke the fire of racism in order to garner voters who want to “take their country back.”
What Jason Thompson said shouldn’t come as a surprise. It was par for the course during this election year and from conservative Republicans who have disrespected the president and our community with their questionable ideology and policies.
We hope you remember young Thompson’s faux pas when November 6 rolls around and send a message to the former governor, his son and the GOP that such flippant remarks are not appreciated by the community and cast your vote for Thompson’s opponent.







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