Casey Anthony is White America’s Own O.J.

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by Gregory Kane,

Kaila, my eldest granddaughter, is also my favorite. She once tried to pull a slick Jedi mind trick on me by telling me she’s my ONLY granddaughter, but I’m not that old and senile yet.

When she was around Caylee Anthony’s age, my daughter (who IS my only daughter) would call upon me to babysit Kaila and her older brother, Spencer.

I still remember, one day, the three of us roughhousing on the couch in my daughter’s Baltimore County home. I remember how Kaila would grab a handful of hair on the left side of my head, do the same on the right side, and WALK up my abdomen and chest to my neck.

Oh, that kid was indeed a handful at that age. But even then, she and Spencer had decided that they were my best buddies ever. So, Only Daughter knew there was no way the following scenario would ever happen:

Either Kaila or Spencer go missing. Only Daughter then parties for a month, perhaps even taking in a concert of her favorite artist, Prince. After 31 days pass,

Only Daughter gives me a call and says, “Oh, by the way, Dad, Kaila’s been missing the past 31 days. Think I ought to report that to the cops?” Or, “Dad, remember Spencer, that l’il feller you love so much? Been missing 31 days. Holla at ‘cha!”

Casey Anthony, acquitted of murdering her daughter, Caylee Anthony, earlier this week, did precisely that. Caylee went missing three years ago. Casey partied for a month and then reported her daughter missing after 31 days.

She made several false statements to police, enough to get her charged with first-degree murder and a couple of child abuse charges.

An Orlando jury didn’t buy the prosecution’s murder or abuse allegations.

The jurors didn’t believe the prosecution’s case even after – as CNN commentator Piers Morgan said on his show Monday night – that the defense opened by telling them their client was a liar.


But hey, maybe I’m just funny that way.

The “not guilty” verdict in the Casey Anthony trial was, Morgan said, the most controversial verdict since the one on the O.J. Simpson criminal trial. Indeed, news reports showed quite a few shocked reactions to the verdict.

That’s where the similarity in reaction to the verdicts in the two trials ends. What the reaction to the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial DIDN’T show was this:

Crowds cheering wildly, even exuberantly. I was in a downtown Baltimore barbershop when the verdict in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial was announced.

All the barbers and the customers were black. When we heard the verdict, there were shouts of jubilation, high fives, and brothers running out into the street in celebration.

You’d have thought the Baltimore Ravens had just won the Super Bowl, if indeed there had been a Baltimore Ravens at the time.

The reaction described above was mainly among black Americans, who had taken a wife-beating bozo who wanted nothing to do romantically with black women and turned him into our national hero.

The reaction among white Americans, mainly, was one of disbelief and disgust.

If there’s any good to come out of the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial, it might be this: Maybe now, white Americans can get past the verdict in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial.

Really, getting past it is way overdue for far, far too many white folks. Even today, 16 years later, I still hear white people whining about what an injustice O.J. being found not guilty was.

I teach a writing class at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. I still get papers with students making a reference to how awful the verdict in the O.J. criminal case was, even though now most of them couldn’t have been more than four to six years old when the case was tried.

Ann Coulter, in her new book “Demonic: How The Liberal Mob is Endangering America,” makes no fewer than six references to O.J., all of them claiming he “did it.”

Memo to Coulter: It’s been 16 long years, woman. Just get over it.

You expect black folks to get over four white cops pumping 19 slugs into an unarmed Amadou Diallo and getting acquitted in their trial. If you expect us to get over THAT, you had darned well better get over O.J.

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