CDC FINDINGS: Large increase in HIV infection among Black Men

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by Paula M. Phipps–Executive Director STD Specialties Clinic

For me to write an article about AIDS/HIV without taking into account the other STDs I would be cheating the readers out of some very important information. Other STDs including but not limited to: Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea (clap, the drip) increases the chance of getting HIV. These infections allow the HIV to ride ‘piggy back’ on them creating a path for HIV to take hold more easily if it is present. (Other frequently diagnosed STDs that a person should be aware of are HPV {genital warts}, Herpes, Trichimonas.) The fact is there is an increase in HIV in the Black male population in Milwaukee. This increase is mainly being diagnosed in men who have sex with men and/ or the “down-low” society. The prejudices and the society- based- stigmas such as religious beliefs, peer pressure and the un-acceptance of homosexuality in the Black community can often make men feel uncomfortable with their sexuality. No matter how afraid or embarrassed a person might be, it is very important to get tested for the AIDS virus. In addition to using safer sex techniques, with the constant use of condoms we can all help to eliminate the spread of the HIV. With the knowledge and treatments that are now available for HIV infected persons one can often live a normal life span and decrease the chance of spreading the virus to another person. Knowledge is power. In the final analysis, each person is responsible for deciding whether to have sex wisely and safely or to put themselves and others at risk.

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