Celebrating Black History Makers In Medicine and Science

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Myra Adele Logan, Physician, Surgeon


Myra Adele Logan was born in Tuskegee, Alabama in 1908. She is considered a pioneer of African-American and women’s rights. She earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Columbia University. Myra earned the Walter Gray Crump Scholarship For Young Women from the Young Women’s Christian Association. The scholarship enabled her to go to the New York Medical College. In 1933, she earned her medical degree and interned at Harlem Hospital. Her mentor was Dr. Louis T. Wright.

She became the first black woman to be elected as a member of the American College of Surgeons. Myra was the first woman in the world to perform open-heart surgery and it was the ninth open-heart surgery performed in the twentieth century.

She spoke to all who would listen, and to those who wouldn’t she told them that, “the world would not be dictated by one race or gender.”

Myra encouraged people to walk tall and proud and be who they wanted. She helped pave the way for other doctors who would come after her. She died in 1977.

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