Chivalry Is Dead: Only one in three men will pay for the first date

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Article courtesy of FOX – Phoenix

It may be one of the most awkward parts of going out on a date — who pays for dinner? Does the guy pay? Split the check?

A new survey shows more men these days expect the women to pay their share.

According to a new study by, more than half of men polled expect women to split the tab on a first date.

They say since women work there’s no reason why the pressure should be on men.

Frank Robles is part of the 51% percent of men who expect ladies to split the bill on a first date.

“They’re entitled to pay just as much as men, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be,” says Frank Robles.

But there’s still a portion of men who say they’ll pay the tab in full, even when they’re taking out a hard working woman.

“I don’t think that has anything to do with who should pay. I think it depends on the respect in the relationship,” says Justin Suggs, who says he always pays.

Women we talked to today say they just assume the man is paying.

“He can take control, he’s got it, he’s the man he can do it,” says Sarah Cluff.

These ladies agreed that a guy should never flat out ask for cash.

“Of course if the woman reaches for it and she’s like, ‘oh lets split it,’ that’s fine that’s normal I think nowadays,” says Cluff.

Adam Rasass says it’s attractive if a woman pulls out her wallet.

“It’s kind of a turn on,” he says.

“All the makeup the hair,” says Cluff. “Clothes, shoes, yeah you always pick up the tab!”

Only 5% of men surveyed said they’d be okay with a woman paying for the entire first date. Most men also said they need to put their financial responsibilities first before making a good first impression.








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