Choose Health for the Holiday Gifts

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by Maajida Abdullah
Good health in contemporary society to not easy to find. Industry has made fresh food almost out of reach for the average household or most think that‘s the case.
Convenient food that is processed is priced for people working at menial wages.
The think they are getting a steal. They may be right – because what is actually happening is their good health is being stolen from them.
Eating processed food is like working for an employer expecting to get paid and getting little, if anything.
Week after week, thinking/hoping to get paid, the people will revolt. And that is exactly what the body does.
The cells can’t function, properly and systems start to fail.
They just won’t work for you anymore, because you don’t pay them for their service to you. Even worse, they start to fight back.
Cells start to eat good healthy cells like a cannibal. That is a cancer: a sick cell attacking good cells until the whole body is involved.
Now even if you do try to eat fresh foods, they are not really accessible because they travel from distant places and sit on the shelves too long. So if you are smart you will take supplements to fill in the missing elements in respect to your diet.
Good vitamins will incorporate minerals. Sometimes these vitamins are too hard to break down.
It is important to ingest supplements that are agreeable to the digestive process and that will incorporate the saliva, which is a digestive aide.
Since many people think that they cannot afford to eat in a health manner or even buy whole food supplements to support good well being, giving a gift that will expose them to a month or two of product that will enhance they bodies sound like a good gift.
It will educate them by way of experience. If is better for them their body will tell them better than you ever could.









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