CMPerceptions, Inc. interlaces art, revolution and spirituality into a global vision of fine art photography

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by Christopher McIntyre, owner and proprietor of CMPerceptions

CMPerceptions, Inc. is a corporation that interlaces art, revolution & spirituality into one focus with a global vision of cultivating cultures within every generation of innovative artwork that has a revolutionary molding that is rooted in spiritual foundations.

As alliances are forged, services such as fine art photography, documentary film, creative consulting, positive propaganda, guerrilla marketing, community rebuilding through cultural perceptive means & more will be available to a screened clientele base yet presented onto a worldwide stage. The artist C.M.P. is the owner & president of CMPerceptions, Inc.

C.M.P. is a Milwaukee native who is based in Los Angeles, California. As an autodidactic artist with brief mentorship from John Daniels III, Andrew Thomas Clifton, Lawrence D’Attilio& street artist HAVE GOALS, C.M.P. is wise beyond years, creatively endowed with the power to capture the most ordinary into an extraordinary timeless piece.

The global vision for CMPerceptions, Inc. is to combine the essence of fine art into meta-cognitive content that propagates upliftment to the viewer that absorbs the propaganda of positivity.

Considering C.M.P. has been in his industry ever since he was 13 years old, it should not come as a surprise that his ways are unorthodox yet intriguing. C.M.P. is a ‘young temple with an old soul’ aged at 23 as of December 2012.

C.M.P. has showcased artwork at the Milwaukee Art Museum twice for Kohl’s Family Sundays, within Art- Book MKE’s first international booklet, with ART Milwaukee & with the revolutionary art gallery RedLine Milwaukee as the one of the youngest artist to have undergone their 2 year residency program.

C.M.P. also shot the limited edition fine art catalog for RedLine’s annual fashion show under the theme of “Fusion”.

C.M.P. has a passion to serve the community which is why he teamed up with Common Ground WI to create a film documentary called “The Green Project” which was blocked from YouTube & other video hosting sites for 48 hours; it is currently on Daily Motion. C.M.P. has also labored in a mentoring / teaching fashion within the educational arena with inner city children at various Boys & Girls’ Clubs & YMCAs. CMPerceptions, Inc. is a corporation that labors in the fields to rebuild communities crafting art with a message of love, light & life with uncompromising creative, revolutionary innovation.

CMPerceptions, Inc. is collaborating with AYZHA Fine Arts Gallery & Boutique in the Grand Avenue Mall to present a solo showcase of fine art photography by C.M.P. called “7 SENSES + 3 EYEZ : THE EXPERIENCE” opening on March 30th & closing on May 5th, 2013.

A free Gallery Night event is taking place on April 19th hosted by Sherman Pitts of Today’s Artist Guild & Ajamou Butler of the Heal the Hood campaign, also known as ‘Sherm the Germ’ & ‘the Mayor of the Ghettos’.

The event will start at 5:00 p.m. & end at 9:00 p.m. with live spoken word & live art. An art talk by C.M.P. will happen on April 20th, 2013 at AYZHA Fine Arts Gallery as well. (Photo of C.M.P. by Jake Schmidt) 









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