Community Partners Embark on Crusade with G.E.M 22 and its Dynamic Pilot for Adolescent Girls

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Helping young girls understand and use the four pillars of for success is the focus

“Staggering Statistics propel Girls Empowered to Make it 22

(G.E.M 22) to dedicate two years for research and

Domonique Barkley

development to ensure that we begin with the end in mind,” The pilot was held at Providence Missionary Baptist Church (3865 N 82nd St) on August 22, 2011.

The purpose of the pilot was to increase the self images of the one-day retreat participants.  Months went into the development of one strategic day of leadership development programming where the goal was to fulfill the purpose,” said Domonique Barley, CEO and Founder of G.E.M 22.  She also said statistical data from pre and post surveys will also allow for more strategic planning for the 2013 launch.

Building relationships while introducing G.E.M 22’s leadership pillars; known as the G.E.M Compass of Self-Confidence, Spiritual Guidance, Social Civil Service, and Scholarship was the focus of the pilot. Andrea Williams of Jammin’ 98.3 FM, Teresa Barley of North Milwaukee State Bank, Gulbaz Gill of Mr. Gyro, Gloria Games of Providence Missionary Baptist Church and New Horizons Center Inc. were among the community leaders who support G.E.M 22 and its proactive mission to effect immediate change among girls aged 10 to 15 years.

The 2013 vision includes twenty-two young ladies acquiring life-long skills that will propel each one individually to strive for self-actualization through travel.  A new group of 22 young ladies will participate in a seven day retreat bi-annually. The retreat will concentrate on workshops developed from the four “S’s, peer-mentorship programming and developing relationships. Sponsors are needed for 22 GEM’s and donations of any kind are appreciated. Please contact Domonique Barley.

About GEM 22
Nurturing leadership capabilities, advancing dreams and goals while preparing young ladies for womanhood through travel and personal development is the ultimate mission of G.E.M  ~22~, which is based in Milwaukee. The acronym stands for Girls Empowered to Make it.  Developing and fostering positive self-images of girls 10 to 15 by getting them accustomed to the four “S’s”: Self-confidence, Spiritual guidance, Scholarship and Social civil service. To learn more about what is coming up for GEM 22 please contact Domonique Barley at

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