Connect, Collaborate, Rinse, and Repeat.

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by New York Urban League Young Professionals
Starting a business is tough work and not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of moving parts and foundational pieces that must be implemented in order to build a sturdy organization that will stand against the wintry elements of the ever-changing professional landscape. And if you are not careful, you can get bogged down with more work and less relationship building tactics that are vital to launching, building, and maintaining your organization. 

I’m guilty of not employing some of these tactics but dispensing any one of these tools will begin a vital engagement process that will keep you connected to the needs of your audience and keep your brand on the palate of their tongues. 

Write a Newsletter. Become your own publicist and engage with your core audience outside of blogging. Send them updates, exclusive insights, discounts on products or services, and freebies.  

Sometimes when it’s just us girls, it’s just more fun! Join gender specific industry organizations, clubs, and attend pertinent events. The power of pink can be uplifting, inspiring, and just the spark you need to move forward. There’s nothing like hitting the streets and wearing down some good ole’ red shoe leather.

Pick up the phone and have a conversation about your needs and the needs of your customer or client. We live in a digitally socialized global environment and even though technology is narrowing international waters, it has widened the communication gap to the degree that your fingers do much of the talking and much is left unsaid in a haste to move forward with our work.  

Key Word: Partnership! 

Host a Free teleconference or webinar

Pen an article as a guest blogger

Partner with a company on an event that makes sense for your business or client purpose. 

Stop selling and start engaging: 

Some of the baby boomers and older individuals of generation X that have decided to launch endeavors have viewed social media as a four-letter time waster but they are masters at building vital long-term relationships. Their younger Gen X and Gen Y counterparts seek not to waste time and have mastered the hard sell but have not mastered the art of authentic relationship building. Take a lesson from both and engage across social media–making a noise and creating a buzz—while building authentic relationships, and selling.  

Choose Authenticity & Friendliness: 

People like to connect with people. They love a friendly face, a warm smile, and authentic energy, and in the work environment this is no different. Choose to be authentic and friendly and choose your associates in the same fashion because there is a fine line between personal and professional. 

Take A Break! 

Take a nap or walk in the park. Recreational and rest time unlocks creativity and loosens idea blocks that cause frustration and halt valuable production. 

After you have rinsed away the mental roadblocks of yesterday, begin anew and tomorrow, repeat. 

Written by NYULYP member Angela Montanez


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Connect Collaborate Rinse and Repeat


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