Cooking At Home vs. Dining Out For Thanksgiving

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Families Weighing Cost, Convenience For Holiday Meal

Amanda Kost, Reporter

DENVER — With only a few days until Thanksgiving dinner is served families are running out of time to figure out the best plan for their feast. For many the decision comes down to two options; cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home or dining out.

According to the National Restaurant Association 14 million will eat their holiday meal at a restaurant. That stacks up to just 6 percent of the country. An estimated 55 percent will eat their Thanksgiving meal in their own home.

7NEWS checked data from the American Farm Bureau Federation. The cost of preparing Thanksgiving dinner at home has nearly doubled compared to 20 years ago. The ingredients to cook for 10 people cost $25.95 in 1991. In 2011 the price is $49.20. That breaks-down to $4.92 per person about half the price of a buffet at a restaurant.

This data doesn’t factor in the stress or time spent in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up after a Thanksgiving feast. To decide between dining out and cooking at home families will have to weigh cost and convenience.

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