County Board approves first resolution authored by Sup. Biddle, Sr.

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Supervisors adopt resolution opposing concealed carry

Eyon Biddle, Sr.

A resolution authored by Milwaukee County Supervisor Eyon Biddle, Sr., opposing concealed carry legislation was adopted by the full County Board this morning. Supervisor Biddle released the following statement after the vote was taken:
“I’m pleased that the County Board has approved this resolution. I hope the Legislature hears our voices and stops this bill in its tracks. Allowing people to carry a concealed weapon is bad enough; it’s even worse that they’re considering a bill that doesn’t even require a permit or training.
“Guns are dangerous weapons used to kill people in Milwaukee. I can’t make it any more clear than that. Just this week, someone was shot and killed in a pizza shop in Milwaukee’s East Side. Allowing concealed carry would only lead to more cases like this one.
“State leaders continue to toy around with this very serious issue. They are unwilling to come up with commonsense solutions that not only protect rights but ensure public safety. I don’t understand how increasing guns – with no accountability or oversight – somehow makes us safer.
“I am particularly concerned that concealed weapons would be allowed onboard Milwaukee County Transit System buses; in the main terminal of General Mitchell International Airport; and in our parks, zoo, museums and mental health complex. These are all places where families expect to be safe.
“If the bill becomes law, Milwaukee County would be forced to install additional magnetometers at all public entrances, at a cost of $8,000 each, as well as provide storage lockers.
“Considering the hundreds of properties owned by the County, containing thousands of public entrances, the cost to taxpayers could reach millions of dollars.”

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