Creating and Maintaining ‘Harmony in the Home (and Classroom)’

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The Parenting Network offers new discipline training for parents and teachers

Milwaukee, Wis. – The Parenting Network announces a new, six-week educational series for parents and teachers who want to learn a fresh approach to effective discipline. Harmony in the Home (and Classroom) begins Wednesday, July 6 and finishes Wednesday, August 22. The class will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Meadowbrook Church , 1025 North 70th Street , Wauwatosa .


Harmony in the Home (and Classroom) offers a different approach to discipline both for parents and school personnel. In this “new school” approach to discipline, rules are reframed in terms of agreements and punishments are reframed in terms of accountability related to the agreements. Participants will gain new skills in listening, speaking and discipline.


“Discipline is one area in which families often struggle the most,” said Ruth Miller , program director at The Parenting Network. “Many parents fall into patterns that their own parents modeled which may not be the most effective. This class helps parents replace their kneejerk reactions to misbehavior with responses that get more desirable results. Likewise, these techniques are also appropriate for the school environment.”


To register for this series, call the Parent Helpline at 414/671-0566. This cost is $100 per individual or $160 per couple. Payment must be received before the first class begins. For more information about this program or any services of The Parenting Network, please call the Parent Helpline or visit our website at


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