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Dominique Baptiste gives responses to common questions about the church and provides answers for those curious about the role of the church both now and in eternity in her book “Church”

(PR NewsChannel) /SANTA CRUZ, Calif./ “Church: Building – Body – Bride(ISBN 1452817596) by Dominique Baptiste seeks to be a must-read for anyone who is curious about the houses of worship that seem to dot every street corner in America. Why are there so many churches? What goes on inside those walls? Is there a place for me that might enrich my life? Author Dominique Baptiste, a noted Bible teacher and host of Biblical Essentials for Life Television Ministry, hopes to answer these questions and more in an informational and inviting manner.In writing the book “Church” the author’s objective is to provide answers to these questions, and in so doing, introduce the church to some, re-introduce it to others whose practice has lapsed and inspire a greater commitment from others about their involvement in the church and its future.

Many of us think of the church as the building on the corner or the meeting place for a given assembly of believers, but it is much more. As Baptiste notes, Jesus declared that wherever believers gather in his name, there is “the church.” This means that people are the church – not necessarily the building that houses worshipers. As it was written in Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Batiste further explores the meaning and place that church has in our lives by breaking down her book into three main segments:

  • The Building: The Meeting Place. Why do we have church buildings and what core things can I expect in most church buildings?
  • The Body: The Collective. Who is in the body of Christ, and what is our work?
  • The Bride: The Individual. The future of the Christian believer and what does it mean to be the Bride of Christ.

“Church” concludes with an invitation to all to become involved in the church of their choice, noting that “all it takes is that first step.” As she writes in her conclusion, there are others who are asking the same questions. “There is someone who is looking up at those buildings wondering who is in those buildings? Is there a place for me in those buildings and will I fit in? This person is your answer to prayer and you are theirs.”

It is Baptiste’s prayer that in reading “Church” people will be informed, motivated and inspired in their understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

“In a day in time when there is so much controversy around church. I want to remind readers, that church was ordained by an ever loving God and what church was really created to be,” Baptiste says.

“Church” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Dominique Baptiste is a noted teacher of the Bible, speaker and host of Biblical Essentials for Life, a show on Christian television networks across the world. Her status as minister and missionary allows Baptiste to travel extensively in an attempt to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her goal is to reach as many people and teach them about Jesus in an attempt to unify faith and bring a fulfilling relationship with God to all.

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