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Pastor brings compilation of devotionals given by God to the body of Christ


Pastor Melva Henderson

Much like the manna God gave to the children of Israel, Pastor Melva Henderson was provided with a fresh word given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit every day for a year.

“Fresh Baked Manna,” Henderson’s newly self-published book, provides 90 of these daily devotionals that serve as a point of entry for reading the Bible. Scripture is combined with personal, enlightening stories from Henderson herself that will help readers identify with her, while growing in their knowledge of God through His Word.

Unlike other devotionals, this book is a personal testimony of someone’s life at various stages of their walk with God that will literally draw you into a deeper relationship with the Word of God.

Henderson has been in the ministry for over 20 years and has inspired many to pursue a deeper place of intimacy with their Heavenly Father.

Henderson, however, had great help in finding the right messages.

“Every morning when I woke up, He would provide the devotion for the day,” said Henderson. “After a while I decided to gather the devotionals and turn them into a book. My deepest desire is to give people something to think about that will draw them into God’s presence.”

This book has wisdom for the body of Christ, and it will ignite a greater passion for the Word of God for those who are weak, strong or growing in their relationship with God.

“If you’re looking for a supplement, something to help get you interested in reading the Word of God and drawing out truths that you can practically apply to your life, Fresh Baked Manna is the book for you.”













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