Daughter honors mother’s legacy of lifting spirits of others with food

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In honor of her mother Vera Steele, Lueannia Van Steele submitted this photograph of her with fellow members of the Eastern Star organization (she is standing third from the left in the row behind those who are seated) taken more than 30 years ago. Steele was co-owner of Vera and Laceies Diner, which was home to delicious mini-burgers and three-piece chicken wings, which cost only $1! Vera and Laceies Diner was only one of several dining establishments that Vera owned. Her first restaurant was on Teutonia and Center Streets. Another served the radio personalities and staff of the old WAWA radio station, the staff at television station Channel 18, as well as a number of gospel and secular singing groups. Her family, friends and the homeless were also the beneficiaries of feasts she prepared for the holidays and special occassions. Vera also taught cooking and how to serve customers. She truly loved people and should be remembered for her courage and the love she expressed to many blessed to have met her and eaten her delicious offerings. Said Lueannia, “Vera used to say that life is like a stage on which everyone has a part to play. Love you mom!”

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