Debbie Rowe Speaks Out On Paris & Prince Jackson

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We haven’t heard much from the biological mother of Michael Jackson‘s eldest kids,Paris and Prince, but with all the custody drama that has emerged Debbie Rowe has decided to voice her concerns.

Reportedly Debbie wishes Katherine Jackson would consult with her before making any changes to the agreement made before MJ died.

It has already been determined that the guardianship of the children will temporarily be given to TJ Jackson, the pop king’s nephew.

According to the Daily News:

“Debbie would like Katherine to consult her before making any changes to the agreement they worked out together after Michael died,” the source said. “This would set up a whole different dynamic. She needs to see more details.”

Rowe raced back to southern California from a horse show last weekend when she heard family members reported Katherine missing, the source said.

While most have thought the 51 year old has had no involvment with the kids at all the site reports:

Though she handed Michael full custody of son Prince Michael, now 15, and daughter Paris, now 14, when they divorced in 1999, and didn’t intervene after his death, Rowe has seen the kids on more than one occasion in the last three years, the source said.

The source continues:

“As long as Katherine is still actively involved (with the kids), there shouldn’t be a problem. But they never agreed to let TJ be a decision maker. (Rowe) knows TJ from when he was little. She knows he’s close to the kids. But she might ask for more custodial responsibility if he’s making decisions she doesn’t agree with,”

And the saga continues.

Hopefully all parties can reach a mutual agreement on the matter soon!



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