Delete, Delete, Delete

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I am often amazed at the number of email messages that come in a given day. From sales ads to local promotions and business emails the pile of materials in our inboxes can seem endless. In an effort to better organize myself I began the practice of separating my emails by priority. The spam and junk filter is on high in order to limit the junk mail from co-mingling with things of importance. However, every once in a while I will see that some store has managed to maneuver its way onto my “safe list” and there the ad stares at me, in the midst of a sea of things that truly need my attention – one thing can divert me if I am not careful. I use the search box and enter in the name of the offending store. Usually 10-20 past ads come up. Then at one time, I delete them all. I recognize that there are some things that are just holding space needlessly. They are from the past. I do not need to read them again. I do not need to review them – I simply need to delete them from my inbox. One of the things that I like is that deleting something from your inbox doesn’t make it go away; it just sends it to another part of your computer – a part designed for storage not for everyday use.

Likewise, in our lives we have to make the decision to let some things go. We do not need them. They are not helping us accomplish our goals. They are not needed for our success…they just – “are”. Simply being is not a good enough reason to allow something to crowd into the precious (and limited) space of your life. As Christians we are called on to delete often!

  • Delete the offense that has made you bitter.
  • Delete people who are headed in a different direction and are trying to take you off course from your purpose.
  • Delete the need to exact revenge.
  • Delete “see what had happened was…” from your vocabulary and stop making excuses.
  • Delete the need to revisit ancient history when you get angry with someone. People get tired of having the past thrown in their faces.
  • Delete the memories from your past that have you bound. If you can’t delete them (or reduce their paralyzing effects) on your own get professional help.

When you clear the clutter out of your emotions and your spirit you will find that you, like my computer and its functions, will run smoother, faster and with greater efficiency. You will find that God has not made you “forget” what happened, He simply places it in another place –a place that frees you up not to look at it everyday and be slowed down by it’s presence. This week, make a decision that you will delete the things, and at times people, who are holding you back. You can overcome your struggles, your past and your pain if you are willing to simply hit –delete.

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