Diabetes Education: New Resource Amplifies Impact

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Diabetes Daily University Offers New Option for Effective Diabetes Education

Three studies published earlier this week in the online edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine reveal that diabetes education and behavioral interventions can help lower blood sugar levels in people who are having trouble managing diabetes.

But diabetes education is no longer limited to doctor visits and local support groups. Diabetes Daily University (DDU) is a new online resource providing a convenient and affordable option for patients to experience the benefits of behavior-changing programs. Led by medical professionals, DDU improves on traditional diabetes education programs by extending knowledge from global leaders in diabetes education directly to patients’ personal computers, accessible any time day or night.

“Diabetes education is an area ripe for improvement,” according to DDU founder David Edelman. “We are tapping leading voices in diabetes education- true visionaries – and helping them educate people around the world. In fact, over thirty percent of our students are outside of the United States, from places as far away as South America, China, and Africa.

“Diabetes Daily University is a bridge between the doctor’s office and the rest of the patient’s life. It provides a way to stay positive and focused on a day-to-day basis. Sadly, millions spend just 15 minutes in their doctor’s or educator’s office a few times a year. That’s just not enough to keep them engaged. And with fewer than one diabetes educator for every 2,000 people with diabetes, many get even less support.

“Workshop for Better Blood Sugars” is currently available through DDU and directly addresses ways patients can more effectively manage blood glucose.

Please contact Kayleigh Fitch at 440.333.0001 ext. 105 or kayleigh@sweeneypr.com if you or one of your readers is interested in testing a course from DDU, or to schedule an interview with founder David Edelman.


Diabetes Daily University aims to help people take control and live better – physically and emotionally – with diabetes.

CLEVELAND – October 13, 2011– Diabetes Daily (www.DiabetesDaily.com), a leading online support network that helps people with diabetes live better lives, has made Diabetes Daily University (DDU) available to the public. DDU provides tools and information from global leaders in diabetes education to help patients live healthier and happier lives, and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week at http://university.diabetesdaily.com.

DDU offers both free and paid online classes on multiple aspects of managing diabetes. Courses include “I’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes. What do I do?”; “Best practices in managing blood glucose levels”; and “How to read food nutrition labels”. Lessons are designed to engage patients through video, animation, quizzes and live video chats with diabetes experts. Students can also connect with each other in course forums. DDU will offer personal and small group coaching beginning in late 2011 on topics like overeating and how to start exercising for patients seeking one-on-one support.

“Dealing with a chronic illness is as much an emotional challenge as a medical one,” said Diabetes Daily president and co-founder, David Edelman. “Really lucky patients find ongoing support with a diabetes educator. Sadly, there is just one educator for every 2,630 people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.”

DDU helps empower patients to find their own successful diabetes management strategy. “A doctor can’t write a prescription and fix your diabetes,” said Edelman. “You spend less than one percent of your time with your medical team and 99 percent on your own. Is it a surprise that most patients never find a management strategy that works? Our failure to confront this problem has caused untold suffering and costs us billions every year. We must empower people to seize control and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.”

DDU initially began as a response to the website’s most common inquiry. Edelman explained: “We receive the same short, frustrated email nearly every day: ‘I was just diagnosed with diabetes. What should I do?’ Every time we respond, I think to myself this question is so big it deserves a better answer.”

For Edelman, who says there are gaps in traditional diabetes education such as limited diabetes-specific knowledge from primary care doctors, a lack of emotional support resources, and a scarcity of diabetes educators in the United States, DDU is the better answer. According to Edelman, “DDU will help bridge the gaps by showing patients how to find answers to the numerous and daunting questions they have about living a fulfilling life with diabetes.”

The first DDU course is “Workshop for Better Blood Sugars” taught by Dr. Paul Rosman, DO. This workshop will help patients understand why blood sugars change and how to use that knowledge to regain control and make diabetes easier, more manageable and more predictable. The cost is $47. The first 500 patients who register for the course will receive 30 percent off.

About Diabetes Daily

Founded by David and Elizabeth Edelman, Diabetes Daily is a leading online support network that helps people affected by diabetes live a better life. The online support network features one of the largest diabetes forums, as well as original recipes, meal plans, cookbooks, blogs, educational resources, online blood glucose tracking, health challenges and diabetes related news. Diabetes Daily’s mission is to connect people with diabetes, facilitate education and promote advocacy. Since its inception in 2005, the support network has grown to include 60,000 members and 3 million annual visitors. In 2011, the network launched Diabetes Daily University (DDU) to provide tools, information, courses and personal coaching from global leaders in diabetes education. Consumers can join the network by visiting www.DiabetesDaily.com or register for Diabetes Daily University at http://university.diabetesdaily.com.


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