Doctor, Lawyer, Preacher, Baker, Brick-Layer: Work Is a Gift from God, to be Used for the Glory of God

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The concept of ‘vocation’ or ‘calling’ is an application of the doctrine of providence,” writes Tim Dalrymple in the latest issue of WORLD.  Dalrymple explains:  “God not only preserves the cosmos and superintends the history of nations but is subtly at work in the most minute circumstances of each individual life. “

Dalrymple and the other writers in this special issue of WORLD devoted to the Christian idea of vocation note that “vocation” is more than “career,” and that the vocation of brick-laying is just as honorable and “spiritual” as the vocation of preaching. Marvin Olasky writes:  “Just as the heavens declare the glory of God by showing the majestic extent of His creation, so we glorify God by showing the creative powers that He has given us. Think of the Hebrew word avodah, from which come both the words “work” and “worship.”  Monday through Saturday are not secular days but days in which we worship as we work. Life is to be unified, with everything we do serving God.”

Russ Pulliam, Tony Woodlief, and others join Olasky and Dalrymple in this special issue on work and vocation.

Also in the Dec. 4 issue of WORLD:

· Free Speech Farce.  If a controversial United Nations resolution is passed, blasphemy laws used to subjugate non-Muslims will become even more oppressive.  WORLD’s Editor Mindy Belz reports.

· Budget-Busting. A bi-partisan panel led by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson has dared to suggest that it might require both dramatic spending reductions and tax increases – not to mention several decades – to get the U.S. out of its financial mess.  There are howls of pain from both sides of the political spectrum, and that might be just why these draconian measures are getting a hearing.  Tim Lamer reports.

All of this plus our normal round-up of the most significant news.  In addition, Rebecca Causey reviews “Morning Glory” and Megan Basham discusses the latest Harry Potter installment. Rounding out the issue:  book reviews by Susan Olasky and Arsenio Orteza on re-releases of Elvis and Armstrong.

The current issue is on-line now at:

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