Don’t be A Scrooge, Provide A Helping Hand

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by Leon Todd

Do you ever wonder what happens to those children and families who lost
their household to a raging fire that gutted what they know as their
home and consumed their only belongings? Do you remember how many
children they lose? How many loved ones?

Too often the nightly news brings the tragedy of a blazing fire into our
home which we view like it was a movie and then it fades from our
memory until next weeks series of sensational blazes that crosses TV
screen. Are these tragic events which touched the lives of real
people just a passing story for our bedtime amusement? Ever thought
about reaching out and extending a helping hand to the victims of the

Well; there are people who have thought about these unfortunate souls and
have put in motion a way to get that helping hand. The organization
is called: A Helping Hand Foundation. Another Hand is a non-profit
established to help fire loss families and families who have had
tragedies of unforeseen circumstances. They accommodate their needs
by starting the recovery process.

Helping Hand Foundation helps families by donating furnishings and
household items, which are critical to those who have been left
without the bare essentials for survival. They are committed to
prioritizing the needs of individuals and families in our community,
which has the benefit of preventing homelessness and providing hope
for recovery through their contributions.

There are so many families in our community that need furnishings due to
unforeseen circumstances. Whether it be a disabled person that needs
a mattress upon which to sleep or a mother with children who has been
suffering from domestic violence, etc. They are here to assist
families by providing hope as well as a means to restart their lives.

A Helping Hand Foundation gathers lots of household items and furniture
from community residents, hotels and/or families which have plenty.
They store these items at our warehouse for families that need them.
They give a helping hand by donating these items to families that
have gone through these unforeseen tragedies.

A Helping Hand has couches, dinning tables, chairs, linens, blankets,
sheets, clothing and appliances. They need volunteers to help
organize the items that they receive, help sort clothing or put
starter boxes and knick knack boxes together. It’s not just your time
that is needed, but those treasures you posses that may have become
simply trash or throwaway items to you.

Contact the wonderful person behind this blessed organization and volunteer
you time and energy to the cause of aiding those in distress. Call
Zulima Murgado, President of A Helping Hand at (414) 502-0853 or go
on line and search for The Volunteer Center of Greater and volunteer:

Don’t be a Scrooge, Provide A Helping Hand.

Leon Todd is a retired member of the Milwaukee Public School Board.

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