Don’t Just Sit There – Do Something

Written by admin   // June 13, 2012   // 0 Comments

Last Tuesday we were called on to do a simple thing – vote.  It took me about 10 seconds to fill in my arrows and put it into the machine. Voting was such a small thing to do in the hopes of getting a big result.  

I was compelled to do this simple act because it was the most effective tool I had to give my voice power in issues I considered pressing.

I was reminded of my fore-parents who marched, fought, were brutalized, spat upon, water hosed and at times killed to afford me the privilege of being able to vote.

If there was a line – so be it. The line I risked standing in did not compare to the lines, marches and freedom rides of yesteryear. My greatest pain would come from my own choice of shoes – not from the dogs biting me in an effort to discouraging me from daring to dream or reach for equality.

All I had to do was vote – and I did.

Likewise, God asks each and every one of us to refuse to simply sit and do nothing when it is in our power to act.

The Bible declares in the book of James “faith without works is dead.” We are called to stand for our beliefs and work diligently wherever possible to see that we are catalysts and not hindrances to the will of God being made manifest in the earth.

We have to take an active role in seeing that God is glorified and that we “seek justice” according to the book of Micah.

Christians are not called to be passive observers of life; rather we are prompted to be active participants “in the world, while not being of the world.”  

I implore you this week – don’t just sit there! Do something.

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