Don’t wait until it breaks God wants you to declutter now

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By Rev. Roxanne Cardenas

My closet died a horrible death this week. A few months ago we had foam insulation put in the house thus causing the contractor to remove all of my clothes from the closet in order to reach the far wall. Apparently when replacing the clothes in the closet they broke the anchor that supported the rod. While adding items to the rod, the rod broke and sent all of my clothes to the floor.

I removed all of the clothes and realized that this was nothing more than an opportunity to jumpstart my spring cleaning which I had actually begun mentally some time ago. I went to the hardware store and found a “closet system” which is nothing more than a fancy term for high-priced wire rods and racks. I found a capable; tool wielding gentlemen to install the overpriced hanger holder and the real work began. I began to   look at all of the clothes that had been in my closet. With the new space and the addition of extra shelving toward the floor, I had to separate the tops from the bottoms and the suits from the skirts etc. I was amazed at the clothes that I did not recognize. I saw items that still had tags on them, others must have shrunk from the time I bought them because they didn’t fit and I am certain I didn’t have a growth spurt.  I began to realize how many colors of the rainbow were in my wardrobe, colors that never see the light of day because I enjoy comfy colorless pieces. I began to reflect on the shoes and purses that I did not buy because I did not even remember that I had the matching color hanging right in my closet! I looked around and decided that things had to change. I gave away clothes that I will never wear again then I went “Mommy Dearest” and got rid of the drycleaners wire hangers! As things came together again, I realized that the closet dying was God’s way of forcing me to realize that most of what I needed was already in my possession.

Many times as Christians we ask God for things that we desire when in fact God has already given them to us. Like my closet, we are so jammed packed with work, church and family obligations that until something major breaks we do not take time to take inventory of what we currently possess. This week, take time to look around and count your blessings, then take a little more time to get rid of baggage that you don’t need and that is not helping you to reach your goals.  If you are like me, you may be surprised by what you find and actually enjoy a process that began in dread. Ultimately we have to know that many times, our personal (emotional, psychological and spiritual) clutter is the greatest hindrance to cleaning up our lives and becoming the person that we are called to be.

Monday: John 1:1-18

Tuesday: John 4

Wednesday: Psalm 9

Thursday: 2 Chronicles 15

Friday: Judges 15

Saturday: Luke 14: 25-35

Sunday: Head to Church

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