Dream Homes: Swahili-inspired architecture and interior design in Lamu, Kenya

Written by MCJStaff   // July 12, 2012   // Comments Off


One day I will finally visit Lamu in person (and hopefully before the new port is built as, I worry that it will change the nature of the town). Until then, I will lust over all the beautiful homes I’ve discovered, thanks to my best friend, the internet.

I came across this beautiful Lamu home in Architectural Digest a couple of years ago. The aesthetic resonates with what I want for my living space and, to think that this beauty is in my homeland? Makes it even more fabulous a find. I actually ripped out a page to put up above my desk – a constant reminder of one of the things I’m working so hard for.

I’m glad that I found an online version of the article so that I can share it with you all. Check out Architectural Digest for more pictures.

Photography by Tim Beddow (found on Architectural Digest)






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