Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Schedules Trip to Missouri’s Civil War Museum

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Dred Scott is pictured above. Scott is credited
with helping to ignite the Civil War.

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The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation will hold its fourth-annual educational trip on Saturday, Nov. 16th, to the Jefferson Barracks, Missouri’s Civil War Museum.

The Jefferson Barracks, which is a few miles south of St. Louis, is the oldest operational military installation west of the Missouri River. It was originally opened in 1826 as the country’s first infantry school. Many of the nation’s Union Civil War generals trained there.

U.S. troops from Jefferson Barracks played a leading role in the first actions of the Civil War in Missouri.

As the Civil War continued, Jefferson Barracks provided additional hospital space for the Army Medical Department. In 1866, Jefferson Barracks became a national cemetery for African-American, white and foreign soldiers who fought and died in the Civil War.  

If you plan to attend, you first must register.

The visit is $7 per person. Individuals can pay online or at the door. If a person pays by check, he or she must make sure the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation receives the payment by Sunday, Nov.10. The educational trip begins at 10 am at the Jefferson Barracks.

The foundation is named in honor of Dred Scott, a slave. He is one of five people credited with precipitating the Civil War, which led to the end of slavery. Recently, Virginia dedicated a highway to honor Dred Scott.

The foundation is based in Florissant, Mo. The telephone number is 910-964-8790. The email address is:information@thedredscottfoundation.org.


Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

Jefferson Barracks

Missouri's Civil War Museum

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