DWYANE WADE Winning on and off the court

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WADE Winning on and off the court

NBA star Dwayne Wade talks to youth at Pieper Hillside Boys & Girls Club.

by Aja Chestine

Former Marquette Golden Eagle and current Miami Heat guard DwyaneWade makes time to
continually give back in the community through his foundation Wade’s

For the second straight year Pieper Hillside Boys & Girls Club has welcomed
Dwyane & sister Tragil to honor Boys & Girls “Youth of the
Year” scholarship recipients from across the country-world; who now
attend Marquette University.

As Wade enters the gymnasium, the children cheer & scream. He’s introduced by the
Director of Pieper Hillside, Robert Jackson formerMarquette teammate
and close friend. Wade opens his speech with the import message of
giving back and staying true to his roots. He expresses that giving
someone an opportunity can change their life.

He conveys that even though Chicago is my hometown andMiami is my new home, Milwaukee
falls right in the middle. Milwaukee will always hold a very special
place with me.

As he walks around the gym, staring at the children eye to eye, he emphasizes the value
of education by using his own personal academic failures &
achievements. He opens up about his freshman year at Marquette
University, where he was ineligible to play due to his poor grades.

He states “that by improving my academics, changed the outcome of my life.

If I didn’t improve my grades, I would have never made it to the NBA. Listening
to his story, I couldn’t wait to ask him this question; while
growing up in Robbins, IL did he ever imagine that you would play in
two NBA Finals & receive Finals MVP in 2006?

He responses “No, as a kid I dreamed of playing in the NBA, but not about all the
opportunities it would allow me to have; including playing in the
Olympics, acting in movies and commercials and traveling the world.
When I became an adult, I realized that I didn’t dream big enough.

The question was finally asked that put his personal life on display. So what do you
do on your time off? At that very moment you got a huge glimpsed of
the Man behind the superstar.

With a bright smile on his face he states “sleeping & spending time with my two
sons, Zion & Zaire. While winning games are great, I feel being a
father is priceless. Not only did Dwyane leave each student with a
book bag full of school supplies, he also offered these inspirational
words of encouragement.

Your future starts today, you must prepare now! If you don’t know something,
ask someone you think has the answers.

A parent, teacher, mentor or coach, never be afraid to ask for help. If you ask
for help that means you care about your life. After listening to
Dwyane speak from the heart and answer questions from a real &
honest place,

I now understood why his light shines bright on & off the court. He is truly an All-Star, in life & basketball.”

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