EDITORIAL: Community urged to stay away from pro-White rally

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On September 3, a rally will be held by a pro-White organization in response to recent violent incidences involving African Americans—in particular African American youth—against each other and some White citizens during the July 4th holiday weekend and the first day of the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wis.

Much has been said about the upcoming rally—which will be held in West Allis.

Some in our community are of the opinion the pro-White group called the Nationalist Socialist Movement—which has been described in the media as a neo-Nazi, White supremacy organization—must be confronted to let them know their message of intolerance will not be tolerated.

Last week on the Perspectives’ page, we ran a commentary by Perspectives contributor Taki Raton in which he urged the community NOT to participate in the September 3 rally, saying it may well lead to a violent confrontation between the pro-White group and those gathered to oppose them.

We agree with Mr. Raton. We strongly urge members of our community—especially our youth—to stay away from the rally.

We urge those organizing the anti-rally forces to find peaceful, alternative ways to confront hate and intolerance.

They should promote the need to focus on the issues and problems facing Black Milwaukee such as education, job creation, public safety and voting, which is the single most powerful tool we have in combating the forces who would deny us our human and civil rights.

A confrontation by members of our community and pro-White ralliers, in our opinion, will lead to violence—especially given the state’s new conceal/carry law.

That may sound extreme, but those who hate and even those who fight hate, don’t always allow common sense to prevail.

We hope that you heed our call to stay home and work diligently to defeat the forces of hate in peaceful and constructive ways that foster cooperation and understanding.


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