Education on W-2 Program

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SDC W-2 Director Jamye Chapman describes program to residents at Community Forum.


W-2 staff from the Social Development Commission (SDC) reached out to the community to provide information on the program as well as get input on how it is working. A Community Forum was held at UMOS’ offices at 2701 S. Chase Street this past weekend.

Employees from the SDC W-2 program met with families who currently use the program or are eligible for its benefits. They explained who the program is designed to help as well at its different features. Families attending were encouraged to use the entire range of services offered through the W-2 program.

As a result of the forum, several attendees were referred to the Employment component of the W-2 program for help in accessing more job opportunities. Others were told about the Family Strengthening aspect of the SDC program and how it can help create a more cohesive family structure.

The Community Forum is the latest in a series of meetings with the public to explain the W-2 program as well as get feedback and suggestions from members of the community. For more information on the program, visit the SDC website at, click on the “Programs” page and then on the link for “W-2 Training Opportunities” or call 414-326-2900.

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