Educational Success Determined by Personal Drive and Desire

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by Latanya Philon, Medical Assistant Student at Everest College

As students celebrate graduation this month, I want to speak to those in our community who believe that college is beyond their reach. They may be recent high school grads or, like me, someone who has a family. With personal drive and desire you can attend college and begin a better life. I know, because I am doing it!

I didn’t start college right after high school. Instead, I got a job and began a family.

But, I soon realized that I wanted a career, not just a job, and I wanted to teach my children the importance of an education.

Today, I am a medical assistant student at Everest College here in Milwaukee. What I have learned from my experience is that between school and my family, it’s easy to get overwhelmed while working toward a college diploma. But if you select an educational institution that works with you to help balance these demands, you can succeed.

I am a leader through my college’s Student Ambassador Program, working with students from different programs within Everest to share ideas about everything from tutoring to externships. Together, we are constantly pushing each other to strive for success and reach our goals.

I enrolled in college because I wanted job training that would allow me to start my career in medical assisting. What I have found is so much more. Not only has my education provided me the training I wanted, but it has taught me new things about myself, and fulfilled my desire to help and encourage others. Something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

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