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Dear Community,

I have served this city for 29 years as a State Senator and State Representative and my integrity has never been questioned.

Yet, in recent days there have been news accounts that have dragged my name and reputation through the media.

Here are the facts:

Fact-No charge has been leveled against me by the Government Accountability Board

Fact-There is no written complaint against me by my accuser.  An allegation was made in a phone call.  My ex-staffer was let go, and she called the Government Accountability Board. They in turn wrote me that they would investigate.

Fact-The allegations were made a year ago! The Government Accountability Board hasn’t seen fit to investigate, or even call me to question me, apparently because they have been busy with the recalls.

It is unfair for me to be put in this position!

I have called for the Government Accountability board to conduct an investigation immediately, yet since then I’ve been told that it would be almost impossible to complete an inquiry before the election date.

Once again the timing is unfair to me and my campaign supporters.

I am running for City Treasurer on a solid record of service to the city:

 • The community trusted me, when children got lead poisoned to create a law to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children- and I did.

• The community trusted me, when kids were dying by being abandoned in day care vans, to pass bills that brought forth alarms and penalties to save children’s lives- and I did.

• The community trusted me and Representative Tamara Grigsby to develop a Transitional Jobs Program to train thousands of applicants- and we did.

I trust you to recognize that these “allegations” are just hearsay, I didn’t do them and I will be vindicated.

Now, I’m running for City Treasurer because we need a Treasurer who has the experience and dedication to manage the public’s finances efficiently and responsibly.

I have over 12 years of previous City of Milwaukee work experience and I am on the only candidate with 9 years’ experience on the State of Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee.

I will:

• Improve the City Treasurer’s service delivery system

• Institute a Financial Literacy Program

• Utilize the City’s Common Council to forestall the alarming rate of city home foreclosures.

People have trusted me for the past 29 years and when, as your next City Treasurer you trust me to handle our City’s finances with independence and innovation, I will.

Please remember to get your photo ID and come vote in the February 21st Primary Elections. Thank you for your support.



Spencer Coggs

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