Election Watch 2012: The Recall, Rev. Jesse Jackson GOTV Rally

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Rev. Jesse Jackson Hits Racine for ‘Power of the Vote’ on June 3rd African-American vote may be deciding factor in Wisconsin’s dead heat election
RACINE, Wis.—With less than 48 hours before polls open in a recall election that’s too close to call, the Reverend Jesse Jackson of Rainbow PUSH Coalition will visit the Bray Center, located at 926 Center St., in Racine, on Sunday, June 3. In conjunction with the Racine NAACP, Jackson will join community leaders, elected officials and voters to push a key demographic that could sway the direction of the recall election: the African-American vote. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the program begins promptly at 7 p.m.
“Power of the Vote” is a city, state and national referendum started two years ago when Rev. Jackson began working on Wisconsin issues with a broad base of organizations. Rainbow PUSH Coalition and partnering organizations will lead a national initiative to get all hands on deck in an effort to take the message to the streets and capture many of the votes missed during the past few elections.
“Every poll shows this election is a dead heat, and African Americans could sway the election if turnout is high,” said Jameel Ghuari, director of the Bray Center, which is hosting the “Power of the Vote” event. “Given all early voting indicators, this unprecedented recall election could have record numbers going to the polls—including African Americans who are getting out the vote like never before.”
According to 2008 and 2010 exit polls, more than 40,000 fewer African Americans voted in 2010 compared to the presidential election in 2008. In the 2010 gubernatorial election, Scott Walker won by only 124,000 votes over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. The margin appears to be even slimmer this election.
“We will go beyond the gap by descending on the streets of Racine and meeting the voters to ensure they are informed and have their voice heard through their vote,” added Ghuari.  “We are calling on everyone to assist us with reaching voters. Let’s push, pull and call voters to the polls until we have reached every person in Racine and throughout Wisconsin. Every vote counts. We all have to vote—it’s a power thing.”

About Operation Grow Wisconsin:  Operation Grow Wisconsin is a committee dedicated to the preservation and sustainability of diverse representation in Wisconsin. We believe diverse

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