Election Watch 2014 Tracey Dent for 16th State Assembly District Grass Root Organizer and Community Activist Vows to “Impact the community one life at a time”

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Milwaukee grassroots organizer and community activist Tracey Dent today announced his candidacy for the 16th State Assembly District seat.

“I believe the district, for some years now, has not received the representation and leadership the constituents deserve,” Dent said.

“I know I can provide those elements to our community. We will turn our backs on no one. And, opening our arms to all, I will positively impact the 16th District community one life at a time.”

The energy that flows from Tracey Dent is gentle and filled with quiet passion and warmth. Tracey refers to himself as an ordinary person who wants to make an extraordinary difference in his city, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Tracey has strong ties to this city; he was born and raised in Milwaukee, graduated from North Division High School and is pursuing a degree in Accounting at Liberty University. Tracey also attends Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ.

As CEO of Peace for Change Alliance (PCA) and Voices Against Violence Coalition, Tracey is making a path to introduce initiatives that will promote better education, wellness, and peace within Milwaukee communities.

Through PCA and Voices Against Violence Coalition, he has worked with youth to curb violence and positively express themselves, created programs that actively work to reduce neighborhood issues such as education and crime, and has addressed problems right where they occur in the streets.

Tracey’s track record consists of being a Legislative Assistant to former State Representative Elizabeth M. Coggs; Chair of the 50th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King I had a Dream Speech and March; the Annual Community Job and Resource Fair with the focus on helping felons find employment; and vigils addressing a variety of causes and issues.

Tracey has received Citations for making a difference in the Greater Milwaukee community from the state assembly and senate.

Over the years, Tracey has been recognized for numerous accomplishments, including his most recent nomination for a community service award by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Alliance of Black School Educators; as well as receiving The Milwaukee Times 2014 Black Excellence award.

In 2012 and 2013 Tracey was awarded the Community Service award from the Grover Heights-Williamsburg Triangle Neighborhood Association.

Tracey was also named Champion Achiever by the YMCA Black Achievers in 2003.

But despite all of those accolades, Tracey insists his most valuable accomplishments are his daughter, Azaria, and marrying his beautiful wife Tamika.

“You know, the order of priorities in one’s life should be God, Family, and then everything else,” Tracy said. “I believe my constituents would not appreciate me changing that order. I’m one of them, a hard-working man from the community.

“I don’t think they would look favorably on me abandoning the set of values they live by. And that would mean facing challenges head on, fighting to reverse inequalities and to improve the quality of life for everyone.”

Tracey is a member of the NAACP, Advisory Council for The Blood Center of Wisconsin, and of the Dominican Center for Women. In addition to his role as CEO for PCA,

Tracey is also a former Vice President of 100 Black Men of Greater Milwaukee; and he is the founder of the Milwaukee Walk Toward Wellness, and the Getting it Together for a Brighter Future College Fair. Tracey is also a 2013 Graduate of Wisconsin Political Leaders Fellowship.

This year Tracey has also influenced legislation for the City of Milwaukee (Bicycle Safety Awareness Week for City of Milwaukee), and for the State of Wisconsin (Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Week).

Tracey Dent is a leader. He is a community activist at heart, and enjoys working “on the front lines”; during 2011-2012 the tumultuous state legislative session made him want to serve the community as an elected official.

Tracey feels it is time to take the steps needed to bring peace, jobs with living wages, safety, education, and resources that will benefit all and create communities that bring back the pride Milwaukee once enjoyed.

Tracey will continue building relationships to get things done. He wants to establish district-wide business, neighborhood and youth associations.

Tracey has experience in Milwaukee creating relationships with Democrats and Republicans, and he is respected in the community. Tracey Dent is already impacting lives.

“Lets’ stand together and continue to move forward,” Tracey says. “If we stand tall, communicate with each other and then work together, we can accomplish tremendous things for our community, and for our state.”

–Article courtesy of Dent campaign


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