Everyone Deserves to be Happy

Written by admin   // December 30, 2010   // 0 Comments

Project RETURN has been blessed to be in existence for thirty years, helping men and women returning from incarceration with their re-entry needs.

A good majority of the thousands of clients we have worked with over the past thirty years have varying degrees of mental health issues.

These issues are exacerbated by stress and stressful situations.  The holidays, while joyous and happy for many are stress inducing for so many others.

Project RETURN exists to help our clients through these stressful situations in an attempt of becoming a positive, permanent member of society.

Through AODA support groups and individual counseling Project RETURN staff allow participants the opportunity to share their stressors while also providing advice on how to positively address the stress.

Whether it is loneliness, fear, anger, or depression, everyone deserves the ability to be happy and to attain piece of mind in a healthy atmosphere.

Our mission at Project RETURN is to be an active part in helping the formerly incarcerated to attain a healthy, happy holiday season and beyond.

Merry Christmas from the staff & Management of Project Return

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