Exactly what type of disputes can be mediated?

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Carla Mitchell

by Carla Mitchell

The response to my articles regarding mediation has been great!

I have appreciated talking with MCJ readers about the services provided by Mitchell Mediation Services (MMS) and I have enjoyed helping many of you work towards resolution of your professional (business-to-business) and personal/family disputes.

As I’ve stated previously, mediation really can be a win-win for ALL PARTIES when they have a sincere willingness to work together to come up with a resolution to the dispute/conflict that everyone can be satisfied with.

Mediation is NOT about winning or getting everything you want…it truly is about COMPROMISE and working towards resolution – so that everyone can move forward with their lives, their business, etc.

It’s also worth restating that settlements reached through mediation are private and confidential!

The arrangements reached during mediation don’t have to be filed in court, nor does the settlement have to be made public nor shared with family members (unless you elect to do so).

One of the questions I am frequently asked is what types of disputes can MMS help individuals and business owners resolve?

In response to this question, I’ve put together a list of the types of disputes that can be resolved via mediation:

Business-to-Business Disputes

•  Small Claims

•  Contract Violations

•  Customer Complaints

•  Manager – Subordinate Disputes

•  Union Disputes & Contract Negotiations

•  Vendor – Supplier Disputes

•  Partnership – Owner Disputes

Service Industry Disputes

•  Child-Day Care Centers

•  Nursing Homes

•  Assisted Living Facilities

•  In-Home Nursing (Health) Care

Family (Personal) Disputes

•  Divorce

• Child Custody/Placement Arrangements

•  Couple Disputes

•  Relationship (Non-married) Dissolution where children, property & other assets need to be divided

•  Siblings

•  Adult Children & Elderly Parents

•  Divorce

• Child Custody/Placement Arrangements

•  Couple Disputes

•  Friends

•  Roommates

•  Neighbors


•  Executive Boards

•  Advisory Boards

This is by no means a complete list of the types of disputes that can be resolved through mediation. To find out if YOUR dispute/conflict could benefit from mediation, contact MMS to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation! Call 262-212-2790 or visit our website at www.mitchellmediationservices.com.

One other important piece of information to think about when trying to determine if you want to mediate or litigate…the cost to mediate is usually SHARED by the parties mediating!

Unlike litigation where each party is responsible for the HOURLY fees for THEIR attorney’s; in mediation, the hourly fee is SPLIT 50-50 between the parties (unless some other arrangement is agreed to), thus saving both sides considerable money!

Carla Mitchell is a trained mediator and has over 10 years experience in contract negotiations, dispute resolution and mediation.

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