Expert Black Friday Shopping Tips for Buying a Language Program

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Do you plan to be out shopping for a language program this Thanksgiving holiday and need a handy guide on what to look for?

Mark Frobose, the nation’s best known and most trusted language author and teacher is now offering free Thanksgiving language program buying tips, along with free holiday language learning advice all on his new website at

Mark’s advice to Thankgiving shoppers who are shopping for a quality language program this season?

“Buyer beware”

Frobose, who speaks 11 languages, 7 of them fluently warns holiday shoppers that you can’t always judge a language course by its cover.

“Not every language program delivers what it promises, so my advice is to challenge the claims you see and the testimonials you hear for every language course you are considering buying.”

Frobose should know all about evaluating foreign language courses.


He has created a lot of them.

Over 60 of them, to be exact. And some of them are bestsellers.

It turns out that Mark is the living creator of “Behind the Wheel” language programs which are currently owned and published by Macmillan Audio of New York City.

“Here are some questions to ask yourself when evaluating any language product,” advises Frobose:

Is the program versatile and user-friendly?

Does the program have immediate English equivalents?

Can you take this program everywhere you go?

Does the program use an effective interval memory technique?

Is there a way for you to create your own original sentences?

Do you walk away from every session speaking more effectively than before?

Is it affordable?

“No language program is perfect, and even the most visible and popular programs are no exception,’ he adds.

Final advice for Christmas shoppers this Thanksgiving who are out looking for a great language program bargain?

“If you don’t have a lot of money, simply buy the less expensive audio programs available online and download them to your computer or your IPod.” “This alternative is highly mobile and dirt-cheap compared to the higher-end computer based programs, and your results are likely to be at least as good, if not better.”

“In this tough economy, so it’s easy to get more for less with non-computer based audio language programs.”




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