F.E.A.T. group cleans homes of flood victims

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The Flood Emergency Assistance Team (F.E.A.T.), along with volunteers from Crossroads Presbyterian Church (Mequon), Northbrook Church (Richfield) and the Milwaukee Community Service Corps, mobilized Saturday, September 11, to clean up of some of the hardest hit homes from the floods that ravaged the area on July 15 and 22.

The organization’s first clean up effort included homes of elderly residents and those whose health conditions didn’t allow them to do the necessary clean up themselves.

“It is critical that the mold, mildew and mud be removed from these homes,” said Wallace White, F.E.A.T. Vice President. “People can’t continue to live in these conditions as these are serious health concerns made all the more so by the fact that the elderly, infirm and children reside in these homes. It’s only right that those of us who escaped the floods do all we can to help those who weren’t so fortunate.”

Requests for assistance have been constant since F.E.A.T. opened its doors on August 27. Partnering with other community groups and volunteers from throughout the Milwaukee area, the organization serves those who have contacted F.E.A.T. seeking help.

“We can’t fulfill everyone’s needs at this time, but there are some things we can do. Removing debris and helping to return these homes to environmentally safe conditions is what we can do,” said Danna Rhinehart, coordinator of the clean up effort. “The people who have stepped up to volunteer are invaluable. They are showing true compassion for their neighbors.”

Volunteers assembled at the F.E.A.T headquarters, 2404 W. Clyburn Street on Saturday and were dispatched to several homes in the area. Volunteers were trained in proper clean up and safety procedures by the Milwaukee Community Service Corps before going into the field. Future training sessions will ready more volunteers to aid flood victims.

F.E.A.T. has a long list of families in need of cleaning, mold remediation and debris removal. More volunteers are needed for these tasks. Interested groups or individuals should contact Danna Rhinehart at 414-431-3317, or visit the office between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

F.E.A.T. is a community based volunteer, non-governmental organization (NGO) whose mission is to provide relief and resources to flood-stricken residents of the Milwaukee area.

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