Fatalities Continue as Pedestrian Laws are Not Enforced

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In Milwaukee and other metropolitan areas around the country, pedestrian right-of-way laws are almost never enforced. Lack of enforcement and failure to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians lead to many deaths every year.

In fact, another fatal pedestrian accident occurred last night on the east side of Milwaukee as a pedestrian was hit in a marked crosswalk on Farwell Avenue.

Drivers are legally obligated to stop for pedestrians at all corners and crosswalks. Even when yellow “Yield to Pedestrians” signs are posted to heighten awareness, pedestrians all too often end up waiting for cars to pass by. Clearly, many people are either unaware that they should yield to pedestrians or they just don’t care.

Furthermore, police aren’t even enforcing the pedestrian laws as if they’re expecting the signs to speak for themselves. Although the signs and cones are meant to draw attention to pedestrian walkways, pedestrian awareness is obviously lacking.

The personal injury law firm of Hupy and Abraham has been actively promoting pedestrian awareness by distributing over 15,000 “Yield To Pedestrians” bumper stickers and creating a public service announcement calling for heightened pedestrian awareness. This PSA has been aired hundreds of times on television stations in Milwaukee as well as Madison, Green Bay, Wausau and various cities in Illinois and Iowa.

The PSA has also been viewed over 1,000 times on YouTube. View the 30-second PSA here http://www.hupy.com/reports/ get-your-free-i-yield-to-pedestrians-sticker.cfm.

This week, Attorney Michael Hupy wrote to over 30 public officials asking them to commit to enforcing pedestrian right-of-way laws by issuing citations to violators.

Still, Attorney Hupy believes that everyone in the city in needs to do their part to fix the issue.

“We’re trying to save lives, but people are working against us. Even police departments are working against us by not publicly enforcing pedestrian laws. They’re sitting by and doing nothing,” said Attorney Hupy.

To increase the walkability of high traffic areas, drivers need to be more aware of pedestrians’ rights and adhere to the yellow signs. Everyone from police officers to common citizens plays a crucial role in pedestrian safety.

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