Fear over West Nile starting to impact businesses

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(CW – Dallas)

For the first time it appears West Nile virus outbreak has begun to take its toll on businesses in the Metroplex.

At Caron Texas in the town of Princeton in Collin County, the pristine setting is the perfect place to rehabilitate from an alcohol or drug addiction.

“We have a lake there on the 45 acres. It’s a beautiful walking path, a series of three concentric circles, and we call that a serenity walk,” said Amara Durham with the alcohol and drug rehabilitation center.

But the beauty on the outside, a selling point for the center, has now become a reason as to why people were questioning coming there.

“We had an individual from California who is willing to go all the way to Pennsylvania to seek treatment in order to avoid any risk associated, perceived or real, with West Nile in Caron Texas,” Durham says.

She blamed a swarm of national and international news on the West Nile outbreak as to the reason why some aren’t just avoiding Caron Texas, but might be avoiding treatment altogether.

“We do great treatment here in Texas and I would hate to see someone choose not to come here and get help because of the possibility of West Nile,” said Durham.

That’s why the facility was now trying to separate itself from the outbreak in Dallas County to the south.

“Caron Texas is located in Collin County where there has only been a handful of incidences and no deaths, and again Collin County has very proactively sprayed,” she said.

Caron Texas was also being proactive.

“We have special wipes that have the right chemical compound. We have asked everyone to wear long sleeve shirts and appropriate attire when they are outside. We are modifying the availability of being outside for activities,” said Durham.







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