Federal judge makes right call on “Voter ID” law

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51db59739b245.preview-620Statement from Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs

April 29, 2014

Great news today for untold thousands of Wisconsin voters as U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman has rejected the photo identification requirements of the state’s “Voter ID” law. Judge Adelman ruled the requirements would unfairly burden poor and minority voters, who would be disenfranchised because of the cost and difficulty of obtaining documents needed to apply for a state photo ID that would allow them to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

It has been my position since the misguided law was first raised that it is a pricey solution in search of a problem, and one that is far too restrictive and punitive to far too many voters. In fact, if enforced in its original form the law would have been one of the most restrictive Voter ID laws in the U.S.

Once again, I would like to say “Thank You” to the NAACP and Voces de la Frontera for filing their original lawsuit to stop the law in order to protect our hard-earned right to vote. I certainly hope state lawmakers get the message that what we really need is to find ways to make sure all registered voters exercise their right to vote – something that can keep Wisconsin among the top states for voter turnout and participation.


Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs


rejected the photo identification requirements

U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman

Voces de la Frontera

Wisconsin voters

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