Feeling Healthy: It’s A “Pretty Big Movement”

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By Robyn Green

Pretty Big Movement, LLC, is a NY-based dance company consisting of seven female members, all of which individually and collectively have endured consistent rejection in today’s entertainment industry where “plus size” is considered an unhealthy image of beauty and appreciation.

The dancers first met at a dancers casting call for NYC Full Figured Fashion Week in 2012 and instantly created a bond. Founder Akira Armstrong knew that her vision of creating a unique dance group was staring her right in the face. Shortly after their initial meeting, Pretty Big was formed. Their first show together as “Pretty Big”, was at the annual Ladies’ Of Hip Hop Festival in NYC. The result was two standing ovations. Many would not have ever thought that the biggest girls in the room would have the stamina to create and execute such a energetic performance.

The women of Pretty Big are a diverse set of women that represent the entire spectrum of “plus size,” including short, medium, tall, wide hips, wide waist, or wide busts–they represent it all. Although they all seem to surpass the recommended ratio on the standard “height and weight chart,” Pretty Big takes pride in their physical attributes and pride themselves on staying active.

Historically, the groups members tried to go above and beyond to cater to others and their ideal imagery of what they were suppose to look like as entertainers, which often led them to feel down and frustrated. Until, they came to the realization that they are their own proponent of success, that includes self-esteem, entertainment and of course health.

In all, members Akira, Sonia, Catya, Robyn, Alexis, Stephanie and Kyra have grown as individuals. They have become knowledgeable of their self worth and nutritional needs. They all have their own individual health goals and have committed themselves to working out together with a personal trainer while holding each other accountable. They also try to share their suggestions and recipe ideas using healthier food options.

Pretty Big is excited for the upcoming year. They are committed to spreading their mission to promote health, passion, desire and self-esteem without being ashamed of size. They live by the mantra that you can be “Pretty Big” while still living a healthy lifestyle.

For more inspiring health stories, visit the BlackDoctor.org General Health center.

To see Pretty Big Movement moves, click here.


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NY-based dance company of plus sized women

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