Feeling the pulse of the ‘NuSkool’

Written by admin   // March 18, 2013   // 0 Comments

 Photos and question by Christopher McIntyre

Question: Did you listen to 1290 AM & what do you think about it being no longer on the air?

Cedric Noble: “I didn’t listen to 1290 AM but it’s a shock to hear that. I never would have known.”







Darrell Scales: “I never listened to 1290 AM but I will now. Elvis Presley was considered ‘n****r’ music when he came out & was given a position of power by the youth. I like Elvis.”








Christopher McIntyre: “My mother loved to listen to 1290 AM so I heard it for years growing up. When I got wind that it was bought out to play Elvis music, I felt like the community lost a jewel but when you have enough money to pay you can play whatever you want. If people don’t like it, the community should create a radio station for themselves.”


1290 AM



Elvis Presley






radio station


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