Feeling the pulse of the ‘NuSkool’

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Photos and question by Christopher McIntyre

What Industry should invest in Milwaukee and why?

Laria Brent: “Any that is working more spiritual growth to display the talents that God has gifted them with, education & provides positive outlets for youth so that they do not get into trouble, more things during the weekend for sure.”

Madason Mcintyre: “I think a business that can invest in Milwaukee and bring money to the city, but would be taboo, is medical marijuana. Not only for the patients who need it (for medicinal purposes) but also because it’s a billion dollar industry. It would create jobs, bring tax money to Wisconsin and places like Michigan can be used as a model.”

Jaiswain: “Nonprofit industry or any that is giving back to the community because empowering the community will empower the nation…then the world. Communities with nonprofit organizations based in them should look toward investing in them. And corporations should invest in the community as well, via nonprofits, not just for the tax write off.”







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