Fellas: Formula For A Successful First Date

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By Tyomi Morgan -blackdoctor.org

It’s Friday night. You hit the town with your boys in anticipation of having a good time and possibly catching the attention of a sexy lady. You walk into your favorite spot ready to get the party started and you immediately spot a woman you just gotta have.

You casually approach her and introduce yourself with a bit of off-the-cuff conversation that makes her smile, and after you share a drink, you exchange numbers to talk outside of the club. The initial confrontation was a success!

A day or so later, you give her a call to have a more in depth conversation and after gathering enough information you both agree on a time and day to venture out on the first date.

Whether you believe it or not, you are being judged from the moment you organize the first date until the end of that rendezvous. There are rules to the game of dating, and it is important to remember that the first date sets the tone for the entire relationship.

Here are a few tips on how to make the first date successful and guarantee more good times in the future.

Cater to her preference.

The first date is all about leaving a good impression that will inspire her to spend more time with you, so it’s all about attending to her needs and wants. Before setting the date, figure out what types of food she likes and types of restaurants she frequents. Also get an idea for the types of activities she may like to do on a first date. Picking a restaurant or an activity of your liking may come off as self-centered and leave her with the idea that you are planning this date for your own selfish reasons. Make sure it’s a place she can dress up and look her best. It gives her the opportunity to impress you and a reason to get fly.

Don’t forget the small details.

Men sometimes view acts of chivalry as corny or “doing the most”, but it’s those little acts of kindness that let a woman know you are truly catering to her and keeping her well-being in mind. Open the doors of cars and buildings for her when entering and exiting, pull out her chair at dinner, ask her if she’s comfortable and pay attention to her needs at all times. You don’t have to be overzealous in your efforts to help her relax; just remain cool and casual while tending to her needs. It may not seem like she’s paying attention to the little things you do, but trust me, she is taking down negative notes when you leave out the acts of chivalry.

Give her your undivided attention.

Women love to know they are in the company of a man who is genuinely listening to them and enjoying their conversation. While you are on the date, put your phone on silent and put it away in the pocket of your pants. If there is an important business call you are waiting for, let your date know prior to the start of the date to avoid looking rude when you have to excuse yourself for the call. Don’t Facebook, tweet or text anyone else during this time either; it’s all about your date. Socializing on social media networks will only make her believe that you aren’t into her and aren’t having a good time. While she is talking, ask her questions about the topic she is discussing to become engaged in the conversation. Make her feel she has all of your attention and that you are in the moment enjoying her companionship.


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